The 3 main benefits of gardening with your kids

Many parents are always trying to find fun yet simple ways they can engage in joint activities with their kids which allow them to bond as well as educate their kids. Have you considered gardening?

Gardening has been proven to have many benefits to gardeners from therapeutic, to aesthetic to functional benefits. What if such benefits could be enjoyed by the entire family? This is why we are sharing this article.

We are going to look at the 3 main benefits of gardening with your kids.

1 Gardening will encourage healthy eating

Most parents fully understand the struggle of getting their kids to eat healthy. Despite the fact that healthy eating is good for the development of kids, they seldom like healthy foods because they don’t find them to be tasty. One way of making your kids have a new appreciation for their fruits and vegetables is involving them in the process of their cultivation. When you and your kids actively participate in gardening from the purchase of the seed to the tilling of the land, weeding, watering and finally harvesting, you can be guaranteed that your kids will proudly eat every bit of those fruits and vegetables that they spent time cultivating.

2 Gardening will enhance motor development

This is mostly applicable to toddlers who are going through their early stages of development. It’s a known fact that kids like playing in dirt so why not use this experience to enhance their motor development? If you are a parent maintaining a garden, be sure to take your toddler with you to the garden and engage them in the exercise of scooping dirt, digging small holes for seeds, placing seeds as well as watering the plants. As you kids do this frequently, they gain more and more motor control as well as strength.

3 Gardening keeps all senses engaged

When gardening with your kids, they get the benefit of keeping all their senses engaged. As they see, touch and smell the dirt, the seeds, the flowers, at the same time listening to your instructions and even get to taste some of the vegetables and fruits fresh from the garden. These are activities that actively keep their senses engaged and this aid in their development as well as appreciation of these senses. You can also turn this into a science class as you explain to them what all these senses are for and their benefits to them. This ensures that your kids are a couple of steps ahead of other kids in their development as well as academics.

Be sure to involve your kids more as you do your gardening and you can be guaranteed that they will enjoy developmental advantages over other kids and get a much needed head start in life.

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