4 interesting ideas for planting an urban garden

Many people desire to have gardens because they are well aware of the therapeutic, aesthetic as well as functional benefits that gardens bring. However, many urban dwellers are constrained by space hence they don’t get to enjoy these benefits of having gardens.

This article is going to look at 4 interesting ideas for planting an urban garden.

indoor - 4 interesting ideas for planting an urban garden

1 Indoor gardening

As the name suggest, indoor gardening simply means planting your garden indoors. This however will not be done on a large scale it mostly involves planting a few plants inside your house mostly in flower pots. An indoor garden is not only visually appealing, it also helps is improving the air quality in your house, as well as brining a good fragrance if you have planted fragrance producing plants. The good thing about indoor gardens is that they are fairly easy to maintain.

2 Raised bed gardening

Raised beds are essentially free standing structures that a person will set up in a space to be used as a garden. These structures could be made out of concrete, stone or wood, and built on barren surfaces then soil is added into them. With a raised bed garden, you can be able to plant almost any type of plant of course depending on the size of your garden.These structures are usually designed with good drainage therefore the soils stay healthy for long periods. Such types of gardens also require less maintenance especially in comparison to traditional gardens.

garden1 1 - 4 interesting ideas for planting an urban garden

3 Container gardening

Unlike in raised bed gardening where the beds are constructed, container gardening will involve the use of actual containers filled with soil and placed on barren surfaces. The main difference between using containers and raised beds being that containers remain portable therefore it’s possible to move them around including bringing them indoors should the weather become too extreme for the survival of your plants. You can grow almost any type of plant in these gardens and they too require very low maintenance.

4 Water gardening

This term may sound complicated but it actually isn’t. A water garden can simply be any vessel that can hold water such as an unused bathtub, a bowl and so on which can either be placed outdoors or indoors, where aquatic plants, fish or any other aquatic life is hosted. Such a garden can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. It’s rather simple to set up and maintain because if you set it up right with the right mix of plants and animals, it can become self-sustaining.

These are simple ideas you can implement in your home and they will make you realize that living in an urban area doesn’t exclude you from enjoying the benefits of having a garden

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