3 important considerations to make when re-designing your garden

When you are considering redesigning you garden, this must be a very well thought out and planned process so that at the end of your project you can get to achieve your intended result. This is mainly because redesigning you garden will definitely entail not just your garden but the area around your garden therefore this can be a very costly affair if it does not involve proper planning.

We take a look at 3 important considerations you will have to make when re-designing your garden.

Whether or not to reduce your lawn size

Part of redesigning your garden will be deciding whether you want less lawn and more plants and structures or fewer plants and structures and more lawn. In many cases the former will be most preferred especially for a home owner who is familiar with how tasking maintaining a perfectly trimmed lawn can be. Reducing your lawn will have the benefits of giving you more space to plant as well as add structures which will enhance the visual appeal of your garden at the same time reducing the maintenance requirements.

Structures to fill up the space with

As you are thinking about redesigning your garden you need to take into consideration structures that you might want to add to the garden for either their utility value or aesthetic appeal. The idea is to be able to maximize on your garden space. Being around nature tends to have an element of peace and tranquility therefore you may want to take advantage of this and construct a good all weather structure that will have both aesthetic appeal and utility value as it becomes your own sanctuary where you get to commune with nature.

n1 - 3 important considerations to make when re-designing your garden

Consider the natural habitat

Unless you are planning to create an artificial garden, the area where your garden exists must be home to some natural plant and animal life therefore you should consider not altering it too much. You could have plants that are natural to the area and this will ensure that you don’t disrupt the natural habitat therefore encouraging the wildlife to thrive. There is usually no greater feeling than the sound of birds singing in the morning.

The work of redesigning your garden is not a task that you have to struggle with on your own you can consider bringing in outside help such as working with a landscaper to help you actualize your idea. There are many ideas you can incorporate to make your garden and the entire outdoor area of your home appear amazing. All it requires is a proper plan, patience and working with the right landscaping team.

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