Garden – the 5 benefits of growing your own food

Having a home garden comes with a number of benefits besides just giving your home a greater curb appeal. One of the additional benefits includes having the option of growing your own food which can include fresh vegetable, spices and herbs.

We are going to look at the 5 benefits of growing your own food.

You will save on your grocery budget

The main benefit of having your own vegetable garden on your backyard is that it will greatly save on your grocery budget. Because groceries are things you need on an almost daily basis especially if you prefer cooking as opposed to ordering out, you will realize that you save so much money when you grow them on your own as opposed to buying them from a grocery.

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You are guaranteed of fresh vegetables

In as much as groceries being sold at the grocer shop or farmers market may be referred to as fresh, you may not be able to verify this because you can’t tell how long ago they were harvested and kept ‘fresh’ using a preservative. When you are growing them for yourself, freshness is never in doubt because from your garden they head straight into your kitchen.

You get to control what you eat

One of the dangers that come with purchasing groceries is that you don’t know the kind of conditions they were cultivated under. Some farmers may use fertilizers and pesticides as well as preservatives that may end up being harmful to you. Growing your own food becomes advantageous because you have greater control over what you eat including the fertilizer and pesticides that you use on your garden

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Gardening in itself is a healthy activity

The time you take to tend to your garden has been proven to have really good health benefits such as exposing yourself to sufficient vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Additionally, it has been suggested that gardening is very relaxing and therefore just doing it for a couple of minutes every day will promote positive energy and also better sleep.

It will make your yard appealing

Fruits and vegetables are always very colorful therefore they will add some vibrancy and beauty to your yard therefore making it appear more appealing. In addition, the sweet scent of ripening fruits as well as flowers will attract birds and other flying insects that promote pollination and this will enhance the speed at which the plants in your garden grow as well as promote good health of the plants.

Taking all these points into consideration, I bet you have realized how much you are missing out by not growing your own food on your garden.

We trust that this article has just been the motivation you were waiting for.

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