The 5 golden rules for a beautiful balcony garden

There are many economic and personal reasons why people choose to relocate from suburbs to big cities. What’s notable however is that they have a hard time letting go of suburban niceties such as home gardens. This is the reason why you are likely to find so many balcony gardens in high rise complexes in big cities.

It’s however noteworthy that maintaining a balcony garden is not an easy undertaking and that is why we have chosen to share with you the 5 golden rules for a beautiful balcony garden.

#1 You need to figure out how it will get watered

One of the things you must have a plan for before you set up your balcony garden is how it will get watered and where the water will go afterwards. As long as you don’t mind making trips from your closest source of water to your balcony and you have a plan for draining the excess water then you are good to go.

#2 Consider safety precautions

Before setting up your balcony garden which in essence will be extra weight added to your balcony, you will need to consult a professional who can advise you on how much weight your balcony can hold so that you have an idea of how big your garden can get. You don’t want to compromise the structural integrity of your balcony in your quest to have a garden.

balcony - The 5 golden rules for a beautiful balcony garden

#3 Your balcony is a space like any other

You must remember that your balcony is a space like any other therefore the consideration you would take when setting up your outside garden are the same consideration you should take when setting up your balcony garden. This therefore means that you should factor in the use of space, lights, and accessories, and so on as you set up your garden.

#4 Your plants should complement your home

The main reason you are having a balcony garden is so that you can get to bring nature closer to you. This therefore means that your choice of plants needs to complement your home for instance ensuring that you plant scented plants so that they can bring a good natural fragrance to your house.

baclon - The 5 golden rules for a beautiful balcony garden

#5 Practice creative use of space

Keep in mind that you can’t afford to have an overcrowded balcony garden because it won’t look good. In addition, you should not put plants at the expense of your relaxations space. You will therefore need to apply creative use of space for instance going for a vertical garden as opposed to crowding up your floor.

When you make a decision to start a balcony garden you must bear in mind that you will not have room to slacken off. You must commit to take good care of your garden at all times because failure to do so will result in a very displeasing balcony. You don’t want such a sight for your home.

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