How to make your long and narrow garden to stand out

One of the most common challenges home owners face when they are trying to set up a home garden is lack of sufficient space and this results in the garden appearing long and narrow. Such types of gardens have ended up being very tricky to design in a way that makes it stand out. Well, if this was a problem you were facing then you don’t have to worry any more as we have a solution for you.

We are going to look at 4 ways on how you can make our long and narrow garden to stand out.

j1 - How to make your long and narrow garden to stand out

#1 Add some shapes to the space

One of the first things you should do if you are trying to make a long and narrow garden stand out is removing the corridor effect. The idea is to divide up the space by adding some shapes in between so that the eyes don’t get to see the garden from end to end. You can redesign your paving or lawn by incorporating shapes like circles, rectangles or squares as long as it breaks the long and narrow feel.

#2 Make the spaces you have created more defined

Once you have decided which shapes to go with, you have essentially created mini barrier-less spaces in your garden which need to be filled up in a creative way without eating into the space on your garden. You can subtly demarcate these spaces by putting up a small paving or small lawns so that the space appears more defined. You can even find uses for the spaces you have created such as placing a chair, a coffee table and so on. This should mainly be placed on the part of the garden you are sure will not be used daily.

j2 - How to make your long and narrow garden to stand out

#3 Create multiple paths to the garden

Having a single path that heads to the garden focuses too much attention on the path itself and this takes away attention from the rest of the garden including the lawn as well as your home. It’s therefore a good idea to create two or three interconnected paths that will lead to the garden. This will help make the space appear livelier and ensure the beauty in every part of the garden gets to be appreciated.

#4 Maximize on the spaces you create

As we have mentioned above, there are some spaces in your garden which will not be for daily use, especially those at the end corner of the garden. Such hidden spaces should not go to waste as you can maximize on them by creating things like secret areas where you can enjoy some privacy as you enjoy the tranquility of your garden or even set up a hammock for your afternoon power naps.

We trust that you now have an idea of creative things you can do to your long and narrow garden to make it stand out.

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