5 mistakes you must avoid when planting a narrow garden

Narrow gardens are very common in many homes because they will always be formed as a result of lack of sufficient space to set up a large garden. They have been known to pose many challenges to their owners because they are not the easiest to structure and maintain.

This article seeks to look at the 5 major mistakes many owners of narrow gardens will make and offer some advice on how to avoid making such mistakes.

#1 Avoid putting a single path into the garden

You will naturally find yourself having a single path leading to your garden because it seems as though that is the natural thing to do since your garden is already long and narrow. However, this is a mistake because all it does is create emphasis on the narrowness of your garden. You therefore need to work on creating two or three different paths into the garden as this will help lessen the narrow look.

sear - 5 mistakes you must avoid when planting a narrow garden

#2 Avoid putting seats on the sides of the garden

When you arrange seats on the sides of your garden it will make the garden appear more like a long corridor and this takes away the beauty of the garden. It’s therefore more advisable to select specific spots within the garden to set up seating areas as this helps break the feeling of the long and narrow garden looking like a corridor.

#3 Avoid having a lawn stretching through the length of the garden

Setting up a lawn that stretches through the length of the garden will not look good as it just creates more emphasis on the long and narrow length of your garden. In addition, the lawn itself will eat into the garden space through reducing its width. The idea is to divide up your garden and have your lawn creatively laid to emphasize these divisions so that the long and narrow look is removed.

#4 Avoid using dark colors for your fences

One of the many disadvantages with long and narrow gardens is too much shade which makes the garden appear dark. This therefore means that if you use dark colors to paint your fence, you will suck up the little light getting into your garden therefore making it appear darker. It’s therefore advisable to use brighter colors on your fence.

#5 Avoid spiky plants

Because your garden is narrow, you are likely to have minimal space to maneuver as you tend to your garden or even just walk through your garden. Using spiky plants is therefore not a good idea because they will just end up pricking you every now and then. Be sure to go for plants that have smoother stems and branches.

Paying attention to these simple things to avoid has the benefit of tremendously improving the look of your long and narrow garden and will have the benefit of making it appear less so therefore enhancing its beauty.

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